Physiotherapy at home*up to 60 minfrom 60 EUR
Remote consultation up to 60 min
55 EUR
Workout for seniors up to 45 min  Single Entry: 7€
10-entry pass: 59€
*Along with the therapy session by a licensed physiotherapist, the price includes transportation fees in Tallinn and Tabasalu. An additional transportation fee (5 eur) is added to the price within a 10 km radius of Tallinn. Other areas are negotiable.

NB! Payment methods
By invoice to the company
By invoice in cash or bank transfer
Referral from a family doctor (code 7060)

* * *

Therapy cancellation
If you wish to cancel a therapy appointment, you must inform the physiotherapist immediately. If you cancel the therapy appointment on the same day after 10:00 a.m., we reserve the right to invoice 100% of the therapy cost. If the therapist has arrived but therapy does not take place (due to illness or client's unwillingness to participate, etc.), the full previously agreed-upon amount must be paid.