We help prevent possible musculoskeletal disorders, reduce pain, improve movement quality
and recover from injury and/or disease.


Well suited for those for whom rehabilitation/physiotherapy is perscribed, but access to a therapist is prevented due to moderate or severe impairment of movement and/or transition function.
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Get help without leaving your home. We are ready to consult you via phone or video-based program (Skype, Zoom, etc.).
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Experienced and professional team
Experienced and professional team — we are passionate about our work, we do what we love and enjoy the process

Individual approach
 Individual approach — we will find a personal solution specifically for You and your needs, set goals and create a personal therapy plan

Quick response
Quick response — reacting instantly to your necessities

Always operational
Always operational — in case of any problems or questions You are free to call or write to your therapist

Home physiotherapy
If you are prevented from reaching us due to mobility difficulties, the therapist will come to you

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